Report RUG D-A-CH

On 7th of March 2017 Revit and BIM users met at the second RUG D-A-CH meeting in Würzburg. The RUG D-A-CH meeting was organized by Mrs. Kirstin Bunsendal, The presentation 'Point Clouds in Revit' was held by Mr. Claus Fischer and Mr. Andreas Rupp from Angermeier Ingenieure. The spectrum of the attendees ranged from MEP engineers , architects, general planner, surveying engineers, construction companies, universities, construction draftsmen to software development.

The lecture gave a clear picture of how point clouds can be created, the possibilities and challenges working with them and how these point clouds are processed to create a Revit model. Additional tools were named and where they could be used was likewise answered. In the end it was explained how to make the model from the point cloud in Revit quickly and how to further process and distribute these data. The point clouds can also be used for application in 'indoor mapping' Together with Infraworks the data can be put together to meaningful terrain and environmental models.

Thank you to the speakers for the very informative and entertaining lecture and the ‚Einraum Atelier' for the beautiful space.

Afterwards, there was a lively exchange on the topic. At around 9 pm the group has disbanded.

It was decided to organize a next meeting as soon as possible. The next meeting will discuss the topic of 'Programming in Revit with Dynamo'. It was also agreed that there should be a general meeting on the subject of BIM, which will also include representatives who do not work with Revit or do not use any CAD software at all.

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