#3 RUG D-A-CH Franken

Our meeing at Knauf in Iphofen excited all our expectations. With 28 participants we learnt a lot and were looked after by our generous host Knauf GmbH.

Markus Hiermer gave us an overview about the development with Autodesk. Autodesk together with the Revit community are creating new content for the Revit library. It is great to see that requirements from users are taken on board directly and not just that, but been put into new content. The interaction between users and Autodesk wasn't always that open and we are even more happy about the current development. Again: please put your ideas and requirements into the rug-dach.de forum. The more specific and demanding the requests are the better.

Tim Hoffeller introduced us to the hololens and gave an informative speach about good and valuable content for modelling. Good content can be reused and enriched during the lifecyle of planning and operating. The building objects should be resonable neutral and be enriched with metadata during the process. We do not need every nut and bold modelled.

We learned about PFV 'provision for void'. A method using IFC 2x3 Format to exchange cutopenings between planners. Those cuts are suggestions which can be approved or rejected in the process. As such it is a real open BIM feature, usable in various systems.

There is a lot of building objects, small tools, dynamo scipts and templates in the library BIMupYourLife. This initiative is operating to the CC Copyright. Objects created according the CC copyright can be exchanged freely within a project.

Afterwards, there was a lively exchange on the topic. We realized, that the discussions around BIM, 3D Modelleing and traditionelle documentation hasn't really started. Well, we started the discussions now.

Thanks again to our host Knauf and the referees Markus Hiermer and Tim Hoffeller and as well thanks for the participation and lively discussions.

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