3D Content

We create digital 3D components that can do exactly what is required of them.

"What does this actually mean?" you are probably asking yourself.
You probably also know the type of marketing manager who wonders whether this thing about digitizing their own products makes any sense for the construction industry.
Imagine the following scenario: The marketing manager in a company gets this complaint from the sales department: the customers can't do anything with the 3D components. The content is no good, the files are too large, the files are not usable. And he has spent so much money on these digital 3D components.

You surely know the problem, don't you?
The content should show your own product and advertise it.
It should contain data that is different in every region and must be available in different languages.
The 3D components should be parametrically changeable and thus provide the possible variants for the customers.
Actually, the marketing manager wanted to release more products for digitalization, but in this desolate situation, this makes no sense.
And you know the larger context: the competition has already digitized its products and customers now expect the same service from you, especially on the international market.
Did you know that 3D components are particularly useful in the project process when the components contain few details, are parametrically structured and can be flexibly supplemented with data?
And let's imagine the same marketing manager - but in a completely different starting position. He is thinking about which components will be digitized next because it worked so well with the previous ones and customers are delighted. He gets constructive advice from sales about what can be improved on the content already created. The marketing manager can concentrate on the new products and only very rarely has to resolve complaints from support.
And do you know what is best? This idea is not just a pipe dream. When you contact us, we'll make sure that you'll also benefit from this second situation.
And we would like to end with this thought:

Digitization is never 'finished' - that is the nature of things. Digitalization needs care and attention, like a beautiful garden. Then the solutions will flourish and working will be easy and fast.

Would you also like to hire us as digital gardeners for your 3D components so that they can thrive and grow in the market?

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